Practical Philosophy

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The Fault In Recognizing Patterns

It is easy to draw conclusions based on our emotions. If something or someone makes you feel good, you’re more likely to associate similar future¬†experiences with positive emotions. Conversely, if you’ve come across a situation where you’re put in a defensive, confrontational, or foul mood, you’re equally as likely to associate future experiences with negative […]

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On Wasting Time

Every morning for the past 6 months I’ve hit snooze for 2-3hrs in 10 minute intervals after my alarm goes off. I’ve been averaging a total of 12-18 snoozes before I actually make the effort to get up. The feeling of a thousand blankets force their weight on my chest, paralyzing me, preventing me from […]

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A Letter To The 22 Year Old Self

“What sort of future is coming up from behind I don’t really know. But the past, spread out ahead, dominates everything in sight.” – Robert M. Pirsig Dear 22 Year Old Self, Don’t give up. It’s so much easier to give up. You’re in a weird place right now, and you wouldn’t be sitting down […]

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