The experience of learning the lesson is more important than the lesson itself.

– Neil deGrasse Tyson

In hindsight I guess I’ve never really been good at jobs, per se. Not that I didn’t like them or that I was bad on the job, but jobs and titles in general never appealed to me.

I guess I displayed this trait as a floater throughout my adolescent years. Mingling with everyone but never truly connecting with them, except for maybe a few.

Reading countless business books over the past 2 years really drove me into a state of constant redirection and reflection to find exactly what I was doing with my life and what felt like the right fit.

Of course, I found entrepreneurship.

I thought I was being entrepreneurial…sorta. For a while I kept struggling with wantrepreneurship. A long while.

Starting a blog…meh. I mean, I like writing. I understand the power of well written words. But words on a page touching minds doesn’t translate quite the same as creating and building something in the real world to touch people.

So finally, after months of wandering, pretending, failing to try, misunderstanding what it truly meant to take action, I think I’m finally doing it.

No, my company still doesn’t have a name. Not an official one. Node…nodel…jllyfsh… Whatever. For some strange reason this time it feels different.

  • This past week I’ve contacted 8 specialists in the field with feedback, set dates for consultation, and found bread crumbs to others. #6degreesofseparation #kevinbacon
  • I’ve contacted two of my closest engineers with bright shiny minds to bang our heads together and attempt to mentally construct a prototype.
  • I finally understand what it’s like to research a market.
  • I finally understand why they say not to check email before you go to  bed.

I thought I knew before, but now I feel like I know that much more.

Yes, I’m still researching.

No, I haven’t built a prototype.

Yes, I’m going to take this as far as I can. Why? Because it looks promising. The math makes sense.

I’m just a dude that likes doing stuff.

Maybe some day soon I can finally have my dream of giving back tenfold to my family, and providing tremendous value to millions of people around the world.

I’m excited. I’m motivated. I’m anticipating a grueling, tireless, and relentless year.

Then again, I shouldn’t get ahead of myself. It’s only been a week.


— Benny

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