We envy those who eat as much of whatever they want without gaining a single pound. We feel for those who put cream in their coffee and their midsections expand like hot air balloons.

The first scenario can quickly lead to clogged arteries, fatigue, and suboptimal performance. Just because the outside is fine doesn’t mean the inside is well lubricated. The second scenario is relentless. Uncontrollable weight gain requires tremendous effort and consistency in balancing and meticulously planning their lifestyle. One slip up can set them back a long way.


Fortunately for the rest of us, our weight, appearance, and health mostly relies on the actions we take in our daily lives. We’re in control.

There is no secret to getting abs.

If you want to change your physical appearance there are only two things you need to understand.

  1. Be conscious of what you eat, and how much.
  2. You must be physically active throughout the week.

Your diet is what all Instagram models, fitness professionals, bodybuilders, trainers, and athletes will tell you is the ultimate metric for success. “Abs are made in the kitchen”, they say. In all the noise, a fundamental truth is lost. A diet does not consist of a particular fad or how much protein you need per kg of bodyweight. Don’t tell people you’re on a “diet”. I don’t even know what that means anymore. It’s embarrassing.

Telling people you’re on a “diet”, to me, is like saying “I’m going to put on this hat, and if this hat doesn’t look good, I’m going to switch to a different hat. Or maybe stop wearing hats forever because hats suck.”

The fundamental truth is this: You need to track what you eat and how much you eat.

You already know what you should and shouldn’t eat. That’s not a secret either. You’re an adult so you can make your own choices. How much should you eat? Use this calculator and eat less than, or as close to, that number, and write it all down in a journal, or download this app.

Second, exercise.

Taking the stairs at work is not “exercise”. It’s common sense, you should be doing it anyway. If you think your job is truly strenuous and you’re still not where you want to be in terms of health and physical appearance, change your diet. Otherwise, your job is probably not that strenuous.

Move more. Eat better.

So what should you do? There are so many choices! How the f*** are you supposed to know which ones will give you abs?

Zumba? CrossFit? Snowshoeing? Gymnastics? Parkour? Crosscountry Skiing? P90X? Sports? Karate? Weightlifting? Bodybuilding? Cycling? Running? Yoga? Tabata circuit training?

The fundamental truth is this: Do something active and do it consistently. It doesn’t matter.

Take a look at the examples below. Which one is better?

  • Schedule 1: Lift weights on Monday, swim on Wenesday, yoga on Thursday, play squash on Friday, weekends rest.
  • Schedule 2: Lift weights Mon-Fri, weekends rest.
  • Schedule 3: 10-30min workout videos on YouTube Mon, Tues, Fri, Sat.

The answer: NONE!

The differences are minutiae. After you’ve changed your lifestyle to stay consistent with a routine of eating smart and being active you can worry about optimizing your results.

Different people will tell you different things. What’s important is that you pick something and do it consistently.

It’s really that simple. Everyone knows this. So why do I need to say it?

Because it’s so simple people don’t listen.

I’m hoping this time it sinks in for you.

Do yourself a favor and take action. If you’re not doing this already and you want to change the way you feel about yourself, analyze these two areas of your life and make the right adjustments.

You’re in control.


— Benny

Photo Source: fit couple

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